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Where to splurge in your new home construction

When building a new home, the sky’s the limit when it comes to ideas, inspiration, and wishlists. It can be difficult to plan how to divide your budget. Here we share our thoughts on some of the big ticket items in your home that are well worth investing in. 


Of course, where you prioritize your budget depends how you are going to be using your home’s features, and which spaces are most important for you. Are you tech savvy and want a complete smart home? Do you spend most of your time outdoors and dream of a large outdoor patio? What other rooms in your home do you want to prioritize? If you are a big family, or just have an abundance of laundry, then opt for a spacious, organized and practical laundry room. If you work from home, as many of us do now, perhaps you need a functional home office. We set you up with an experienced design and drafting firm that helps you achieve the house design that’s right for you.


Do invest in quality windows. Black windows are very popular, however these up the cost so it’s good to decide if it’s a must item for you. To make an impact, invest in large windows in the spaces that you use often (kitchen, living room). Consider the sun exposure when planning this out as it can be costly to keep your home’s temperature controlled if the sun is beaming in for a large part of the day. 

Exterior facade

Adding elements such as a covered porch, a large front door, using different materials, and adding interesting structural elements to your home’s exterior makes your home unique and custom, rather than cookie cutter. Do some research and define the style you prefer (traditional, modern, industrial, rustic, farmhouse…) and invest in an elevation design that makes a statement.


While this is amongst your biggest interior expenses, it also adds value to your home, and it’s the area with the most traffic and the most use. You want to invest in a quality made kitchen with a good warranty. A backsplash and stone counters are good items to invest in (quartz being the most popular choice).  Also, your kitchen faucet will be the most commonly used fixture in your home, so make sure it is quality!  Pick out a faucet that ties the entire look together.  Finally, if you want to save a bit in this area, consider the special features in the design that are upping the cost (lazy susan, pull out drawers, expensive hardware..), and removing some upper cabinets, which is on trend as well.  At MBH, we have been working with Sebo Woodwork for years and have helped clients design and build kitchens that they love.


There is so much variety in finishing a bathroom.  We recommend splurging in your ensuite, while perhaps saving in the powder room. There are so many nice vanity options that you can purchase and are ready to install. Add in a nice faucet, light sconces, swap the hardware, buy a nice mirror.  Your ensuite however, is your very own little oasis. We suggest a large custom vanity, fully tiled shower, custom shower door, and a stand alone bath. Suppliers such as Boone/Mondeau and Pearl in Ottawa have beautiful selections of plumbing fixtures.


We cannot stress this enough. Invest in quality flooring. You will be walking on this floor, hosting on this floor, children will be playing on this floor, dogs may be running around on it….Pick the type of floor that is right for your traffic, for its quality and durability.  It is also the focal point in the main living areas so you’ll want to make sure it’s something that you love and that ties in with your style.  Our top pick is wide plank hardwood flooring, such as the french oak from Log’s End in Ottawa. Their floors are sustainable, environmentally friendly, durable and stunning.  Their engineered wood is available in any color and any wood species.


It’s all in the details. Lighting and added features such as trim/wainscotting on walls, coffered ceilings, exposed beams, fireplace design, a custom walk-in closet, built in shelving…prioritize the features that are important to you. These details are the finishing items that really transform a home and give it that wow factor.

Last but definitely not least. Think about your furniture and decor. A beautiful dream home with all of the finishes and functionality that you wanted…will have to be furnished. While you can definitely repurpose furniture that you currently have, it is also smart to budget for new pieces of furniture that will fit the new style and layout of your home.